Upcoming Appearances

Oh, hi! You're cute. I like you. Scroll down for my event policies. Scroll...not down for my upcoming events.


WonderCon, Saturday, April 1: Join me in Anaheim, California, where instead of going to Disneyland we'll geek out on a panel and then I'll sign afterward! I will be there Saturday. More details to come.

TLA, April 19-21: Hanging out with Texas librarians and educators? Yes, please! I'll be there for both Now I Rise and my first middle grade, Beanstalker and Other Hilarious Scarytales, with opportunities to see me and get one (or both!) signed.

Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, April 23: Panel info to come, but...if you can get to LA, you won't want to miss this one! It's held on USC campus.

YallWest, Santa Monica CA, April 29: The biggest party in bookdom! Come join me and a gaggle (exhaustion? murder? caffeination? what is the plural for authors?) of other authors for one of the rockingest book days you'll ever have.

More events to come in 2017!


I am always open to attending festivals, libraries, conferences, and/or schools. Because the cost in both time and money, I do ask that my travel expenses be paid, along with an honorarium where appropriate/budget allowed.

(I do not make exceptions to the cost of travel request unless it is a festival/conference I have sought out myself, or unless Stephanie Perkins will also be there because she is my favorite.) (I should probably say something that makes that last requirement sound like a joke, but it's not.)

I am happy to do school visits with presentations tailored to either high school or middle school audiences. For conferences or festivals, I'm open to workshops, panels, and keynote speeches. My powerpoint skills are beyond compare (by which I mean I finally figured out how to use gifs so I can have better joke punchlines). To quote my mother-in-law, "You're so good at public speaking!" By this I assume she meant she only fell asleep for a few minutes rather than the entirety of the one speech she's heard me give.

I care deeply about teen audiences, and am particularly inclined to say yes to events catered toward them.

If you would like to contact me about potentially doing an event, please email kierstenwhite@yahoo.com. (Emails about other things will not receive replies. I'm sorry. I still like you.)